This Book belongs to URW Labs under Universe Pain and Harm Minimization Laws...
as URW, UN, HRW, Charter97.org, Lithuanian Greens and antiwar, anti pain spread organizations are co-owners of this Future, they can make money, based on this Crown.
so patent for this inventions belongs to all good people in Games of Universe pain and harm Minimization (+ prohibitions on sexual deviations)
and they (under Law of Inventions) have 3% of Profit;

visit us on webraid - our commercial projects - at webraid.neocities.org;
You can buy updates of this book for 5$ with Nestling sources;


3% of profit in future (inventor side). If human helps Humankind and Universe... She or He must be payed from GLOBAL FOUNDS.
UN, HRW or other organizations, having good antiwar spread trus, can rule...

I lost freedom. I lost Future. I see only death and pain. No Planetary Safety Netkrow. No PANFA (Planet Army of Never First Atack). No reformations of military forces fo peace. No IBRI (International Beauty Research Institute). No URW (Universe Rescue Labs). No other good structures. Just crime. Military crime. War economy that kill all Planet.

Nowadays I (author of Earth200 and Nestling, MagicJSON and other) was arested by Lukakaeda (Belarus) forces in 2018. They said I am psycho so now I have no home and I have no time to finish this projects at all, as I have no access to Internet at all... I live in neuro psy hospital, having 1/4 time of freedom (not a prison, but 1/4 time is too short for me). My idea was automatization of many parts of job for conjoining Pipica forces. F.e. building sites based on dreamaps (auto+random+custom site generators). Also rune (most powerful tool fo coding). Also rooms (evoL based auto coop tools).